Making music in the best acoustics
from 0.12 € per minute

Deposit credit – 40% discount!

20% student discount: all conditions in the >FAQ

Re-thinking the Practice Room

Anytime Music revolutionises the concept of practice space.
In the middle of Munich at the Josephsplatz underground station, musicians and amateurs can work 24/7 under first-class conditions: practise, rehearse, record demos, teach, prepare for concerts. Play any instrument, alone, in a duo, trio or quartet.
All studios are on ground level, have plenty of daylight and each has an excellent piano or grand piano. And: plan, book, open - all independently with your smartphone.

What makes us different

Independent and how you want it

With our app you can book quickly, flexibly and clearly, extend your reservation and open the front door and your studio. And by that we mean 24/7, whenever you want.
And if something comes up: you can cancel your booking free of charge up to 24 hours in advance!

The Musician's Paradise

Whether you sing, play piano, mandolin, sax or dulcimer: With us you can finally make music
undisturbed, as long as the flow carries you.
The acoustics in our studios are also ideal for voice recordings. Pull off your project for radio, theatre, advertising, film ... or simply broadcast your podcast from Anytime Music!

100% Sound

Our pianos come fresh from German or Japanese factories, are unique in their character and are so meticulously maintained that they are a pleasure to play!
Every detail in the studios is acoustically refined. This way, the best sound surrounds you, but no one hears you. That's why you can practise any instrument here and even record demos.

In the Middle of the City!

Anytime Music is right on Josephsplatz in the middle of Munich-Schwabing! Easy to reach by bike from anywhere and right next to the underground - it's 5 minutes by U2 from the main station.
Our beautiful room on the ground floor gets lots of sunlight and the atmosphere is ideal for
professional practising and rehearsing.

Download the App and Play

Simply choose the time you want and book your favourite studio.
No waiting for feedback, no opening hours. Instead, full flexibility and independence.
You can extend your reservation at any time and cancel it free of charge up to 24 hours in advance.
Get the free app and come play!

The Rehearsal Rooms

Studio 1

Perfect for practising alone or as a duo, with a characterful August Förster 120 cm.

from 0.19 € per minute

Studio 2

The largest for professionals, with a magical grand piano, lots of light and space. For rehearsals with several people.

from 0.29 € per minute

Studio 3

The middle one is also suitable for your trio. Equipped with a new piano, 118.5 cm high, and Bluetooth speakers.

from 0.22 € per minute

Studio 4

Small and powerful. For all those who don't need a piano but require the best acoustics: wind players, singers, actors, podcasters, DJs, ...

from 0.12 € per minute

Sharing is the Future

Access to the ideal rehearsal room at any time, where the sound is just as you have it in your head.
Anytime access to high-quality pianos and grand pianos, always freshly tuned and intonated. Sharing all this enables the standard you deserve.

  • Playing without time limits
  • Never again annoyed neighbours
  • Lots of daylight
  • Clean, thoroughly disinfected ambience
  • Fresh air through professional ventilation for self-control
  • Lounge with WC for waiting, reading and studying, for meeting and exchanging ideas

Welcome to Anytime Music!

Music lessons - flexible, anytime, under ideal conditions

Teach or take lessons with Anytime Music:
You have no restrictions on the usual practice possibilities, but you have the right piano at your disposal 24/7.
You only book the lessons you need and always have a wonderful sounding instrument
- without having to worry about anything!

Individual Hours

You want to play a grand piano? You are only in town for a short time and are preparing for your
concert? You want to try out our studios or get to know different pianos?
For example in Studio 1 for 0.19 € per minute

Frequent Player Offers

You are a musician? You teach your students at Anytime Music? Or are you planning a major
recording? Your child is starting lessons and you don't have a piano at home?
Then you should fill your account with credit and get percentages for it.
For example: top up 250 € > get 10% discount

20% Discount for all Students

Are you a student? Then you deserve a great discount! First register in the app, send us your student card by email to and we will set your new price.
Are you a student at a music high school or do you have another reason why you should get this discount? Write to us.
Example: Exam preparation on the grand piano only 0.39 € per minute!