Making music in the best acoustics
from 0.12 € per minute

Play, learn, record, practice, teach

24/7 access to a perfect piano in the perfect room – or bring your own instrument

The Rehearsal Rooms

Studio 1

Perfect for practising alone or as a duo, with a characterful August Förster 120 cm.

from 0.19 € per minute

Studio 2

The largest for professionals, with a magical grand piano, lots of light and space. For rehearsals with several people.

from 0.29 € per minute

Studio 3

The middle one is also suitable for your trio. Equipped with a new piano, 118.5 cm high, and Bluetooth speakers.

from 0.22 € per minute

Studio 4

Small and powerful. For all those who don't need a piano but require the best acoustics: wind players, singers, actors, podcasters, DJs, ...

from 0.12 € per minute

Peter, Engineer

has always played the piano a lot and loves it.
Often, he cannot find time for his favorite hobby; therefore, he wants the best possible sound and also to be able to come whenever he can.

Masako, Piano teacher

teaches her students piano and violin.
She can only do this in the evenings and on weekends: finally, she only has to pay for the hours she actually uses! Here, she has access to various upright and grand pianos and can now use the music room at home for private purposes again.

Anna, Opera singer

is here for an audition at the Opera.
Getting off the train, going through the repertoire one more time ... Here, she can concentrate well even in the short time available.

Andrew, Hornist

plays in an important orchestra. There's plenty of rehearsing there, but for his passion projects, he'd rather not use the rooms at work; he wants to do his own thing. However, quality is a must.

Anders, Editor

prepares the segments for his podcast.
He also likes to invite interview partners to Anytime Music because the recording quality is so good that it saves him a lot of work in post-production.

Wladimir, Composer

doesn't work every day, but always intensively. When he's in the flow, he doesn't want to have to stop just because of the neighbors.

Mengqi, Student

is pursuing a master's degree in Munich. Her own piano is far away at home in China, but now she can play on one just as beautiful whenever she wants.

Katharina, Musician

has now found the place with the right environment for every project: Studio 4 is perfect for vocal warm-ups, with her double bass she goes to Studio 3, and when the whole trio is involved, she books Studio 2.

Margot, Pianist

composes pieces for Spotify.
She prefers to do the recordings at Anytime Music rather than at home on her grand piano; it simply sounds better!

just do it !

비대면 예약과 출입시스템이 쉽고 편리하며, 공간도 잘 관리되고 있는 것 같아요.

richard valitutto

needed a piano in a room for some time in a pinch, and Anytime Music appeared on my maps—never known—to deliver that service exactly❣️excellent ✨

Stefan C.

Wie toll dass ich durch Zufall auf Diese Option gestoßen bin. Jetzt kann ich, Mieter in einem Mehrparteienhaus, endlich ohne Stress mit meinem lauten Instrument üben und das auch z.B. Sonntag morgens! Die Buchung über die App funktioniert super, die Räume sind sehr sauber und die Klangqualität in den Studios ist sehr gut. Vielen Dank.

Jo Reiter

Sehr gute Möglichkeit in München Klavier zu üben. Die Klaviere sind gut gewartet und gestimmt. Die hohe Qualität muss allerdings auch bezahlt werden.

tob chuey

Great experience playing the state-of-the-art pianos, especially the fantastic grand piano, any time of the day or night. I recommend!

Natalia Revenga

I love this concept!! Very comfortable, easy to use, clean, good quality... I hope it keeps existing!


I downloaded the app Anytime Music where you can choose any of 4 music studios - I chose the smallest with an upright piano. You make your booking and use the app to unlock the front building door anytime within one hour of your start time. There's a nice waiting area and bathroom. The app will count off your time and once the hour has started, you use the app to open the studio door. The rooms are also soundproof. I had some questions about the billing and the customer service was excellent. As someone from the US visiting Munich, I was also happy to learn they had WiFi so I could easily use the app to open the doors without incurring any roaming charges.

le MUC
Lorenz rossmann
Simon Schneider
Giulia Gabrielli

Comodissimo! Sono stata a Monaco qualche giorno e ho avuto bisogno di una stanza con un pianoforte per studiare. Con l'app la prenotazione è facilissima e le stanze sono dotate di tutto il necessario per una proficua sessione di studio: due hanno il pianoforte verticale, una un coda e una piccola stanza senza strumenti, che ho usato per fare dei vocalizzi. Una grande idea, pratica ed economica!

Sassi Mann

Cooles Konzept und unkomplizierte App!

hakan turgun

I experienced a problem with registering which has been immediately resolved by the Anytime Music staff. Five stars for the customer satisfaction efforts. I will write further comments after using their studios. Edit: All went perfect. Fair price for what you get. Easy access by underground. App works smoothly. Both pianos are well maintained. Strongly recommended.

Frank T

Alles ist äußerst gepflegt und bis ins Detail durchdacht: superhell, gemütlich und sauber. Aber das Schönste ist, mitten in der Nacht auf einem echten Flügel voll aufdrehen zu können. Vielen Dank!

Tatjana Schulz

Hat alles super mit der App geklappt! Tolle Möglichkeit zum spielen, wenn man keine Möglichkeit für ein eigenes Klavier hat. Ich komme wieder

Olga Glazkova

Awesome place! Everything easily booked and managed through app! Space is nice and clear, with a warm hall to wait for your time.
True salvation for those who are unlucky with neighbors!


Super Erfahrung. Großartiges Design. Coole Idee.

dan cui


Can Oğan

Excellent service, great studio and pianos. App works perfect too. I wish someone does the same thing for guitars and drums.

Dario Buccino

Sono colpito. C'è tutto ciò che serve e tutto funziona perfettamente.

I pianoforti sono molto belli e tenuti con la massima cura: ho potuto fare le prove ad alto livello professionale, cosa non scontata dato che, per necessità legate alla mia ricerca, sono costretto a essere esigente in maniera estrema sulla qualità degli strumenti.

La possibilità di usare le sale 24h su 24h è una soluzione mai vista prima e, per me, fondamentale.

Il sistema di prenotazione autonoma tramite app è geniale, facilissimo da usare anche per me che solitamente ho difficoltà con queste modalità.

Ci si può prenotare anche pochi minuti prima di utilizzare gli spazi. Ovviamente deve esserci una sala libera ma, data la mancanza di limiti orari, non ho mai avuto problemi a risolvere in poco tempo le mie esigenze di lavoro.

Altro aspetto per me importante è che l'avvicendamento degli utenti è sanitariamente sicuro rispetto alle norme anti-Covid, grazie ai minuti in cui, tra un utilizzatore e l'altro, la sala non è accessibile perché viene effettuato il ricircolo completo dell'aria.

Anche i dettagli sono estremamente curati: toilette pulita alla perfezione, grandi quantità di asciugamani personali in tessuto che garantiscono l'igiene evitando lo spreco di carta, spazi comuni accoglienti e ben arieggiati.

Le sale non sono grandi, ma siamo riusciti a lavorare con comodità grazie alla razionalità con cui tutto è concepito, gestito e curato.

Maria Laura Eligia Bertoli

Salette perfette e posto super accogliente per studiare e concentrarsi nel cuore della città di Monaco.. ogni volta che torno da Anytime Music mi sento a casa! Consigliatissimo!

Magdalena Otulakowska-Hypka

I highly recommend :)

Tim Schachtzabel
Iakovos Kolanian
Ege Çelik

Meine Freundin liebt es dort, sie spielt sehr gerne Klavier😊 …

Mila Brajkovska
Fabian Grünhard
Won Wien Shim

연습실이 매우 고급져요 시험 때문에 잠깐 뮌헨 들렸는데 처음에 건물 도착하면 예약한 앱 누르시고 가운데 동그란 팔분음표 두개 이어져 있는 버튼 누르시고 건물 문열수 있고 연습실 문 열수 있어요 와이파이도 되어서 정말 좋고 충전기도 있어서 참 좋네요 추천드립니다 지려요

X4v4X V2x2V

Play instruments or sing in the comfort of sound proof booth with amazing pianos and a little stand for your phone.
Book over their app on your phone, come anytime, 3am or 3pm, whenever you can.
It would be better if the owners also included a stage microphone for vocalists and performers because right now it's more tailored to instrument players.
All in all, great concept.

lorenzo .rovati
Nan-Hee Kang
islam yasser
Luna La

Super Instrumente und eine entspannte Atmosphäre!

Lavina Dinata
Helena Fellinger
Luka Sachsse
Reiner Pröls

Sehr angenehm dort. Der Flügel ist ist in einem sehr guten Zustand

Andrew I

Excellent and very convenient space for practice. Adding a star because now every room has a music stand! Perfect score from me!

juan gorospe
Ana Kohler

Ich bin sehr glücklich, Anytime Music gefunden zu haben. Dank Francesco, Maria und Daniel kann ich, die in einer kleinen Wohnung wohnt, in die kein Klavier passt, endlich wieder meinem geliebten Hobby nachgehen. Die Instrument sind toll - der Flügel hat einen klaren, perligen Klang und einen großartigen Anschlag. Es ist eine Freude, auf diesem Instrument zu spielen. Die App ist sehr leicht zu bedienen und bei Problemen helfen die Inhaber blitzschnell aus. Ganz große Empfehlung für alle, die es lieben zu musizieren. DANKE!

Anita Frey

Mein Klavier ist auf Grund eines Umzugs zur Zeit eingelagert. :( Deshalb gehe ich gerade öfter zum Üben zu anytime, Studio 1. Das August Förster Klavier ist von bestechender Qualität, sehr fein im Klang und auch die Tasten fühlen sich sehr besonders an. Ich überlege sogar mein Klavier zu verkaufen. Als ich das erste Mal dort spielte sind mir vor Rührung die Tränen gekommen. Die Reservierung über die App klappt schnell und ohne Probleme. Einmal wurde die Eingangstüre auf Grund eines Fehlers nicht sofort geöffnet, aber Francesco rief mich später zurück und hat mir die fehlende Zeit gut geschrieben. Das wäre meine größte Angst, ein anonymer Anbieter mit schlechten Service Prozessen, aber es ist gar nicht der Fall. Insgesamt spürt man, es steckt viel Arbeit und ein hoher Anspruch hinter dem Konzept. Liebes anytime Team: gut gemacht und vielen Dank, dass es Euch gibt.

Evan Tate
Maria Rosenthal
Silvia Padrós

Gràcies a Anytime Music vaig poder tocar el piano durant la meva estada a Munic, en un local molt agradable amb uns pianos excel•lents. Per motius familiars, viatjo sovint a aquesta bonica ciutat; ara sempre que hi vagi podré seguir practicant el meu hobby!

Maricel F.Millet

Ha sido una experiencia maravillosa estar en el Studio 1 de anytime music. La reserva es super sencilla gracias a la aplicación que te permite acceder al lugar en total autonomía 24/7 ¡un sueño! El espacio es acogedor, perfectamente equipado e insonorizado y el piano increíble. Gracias anytime music ! 🙃💚

Felix Hornbachner
Duccio Beverini

It is Sunday, scores for a cello masterclass have been (as always) sent way too late and I am practicing on a perfect instrument in Studio 3. The built-in Bluetooth loudspeakers allow me to accompany no less than Natalia Gutman on a perfect piano. This is really priceless...

Francesco Marini

Hier steht dann der Text zur Rezension

Tracey Cooper

Super practice studio, great equipment, very comfortable and classy set up. Booking process is a DREAM. So grateful for having such a place in Munich!!

debora buchinger
Torsten Klein

Tolle Idee. Funktioniert einwandfrei. Die Instrumente sind top. Werde es weiter probieren mit dem Spielen.

Teresa Eitner

Wunderschöne Studios mit hochwertigen Instrumenten! Super einfache Buchung und faire Preise :)

Alice Viola

I was at anytime studio already 3 times and it was always a great experience. The quality of the sound of their piano is the best you can find and the rooms are quiet and confortable. If you are looking for a studio to practice or make small videos or recordings that's the place in the center of Munich!

Markus Euringer

Eine tolle Einrichtung! Bin ganz glücklich, das entdeckt zu haben! Man ist abgeschottet und übt viel hemmungsloser :-)

Max Speck

Tolle Instrumente, gut gestimmt und schöner Klang, besonders in den super Proberäumen.

Serena Chillemi

Simply great!!!

Vlad Fomenko

Convenient and fast to book, interior is clean and instruments are good. Great to see digital friendly things in Munich!

Konstantin Kostov

Super geile Räume! Kannst üben in Ruhe wann du willst und ist sehr gute Atmosphäre!!! Kann nur empfehlen!

Sula Sail

Wunderbare Übungsräume, Buchung und Abrechnung mit App klappt super und der Flügel ist hervorragend reguliert!


좋은 피아노연습실! 앱으로 편리하게 사용할 수 있고 피아노 상태도 매우 좋음. 뮌헨에서 연습실 구하는 분들께 추천드림.

Candy Lin

The customer service is excellent! They reply to my question quickly and they’re very thoughtful! The studio I booked was very clean.


Lisbeth Bechtel