Making Music in the Best Acoustics
from 5,90 € per hour


Your rehearsal room in Hiltenspergerstraße 11

At Anytime Music you can rent the ideal rehearsal room at any time.
Our three studios of different sizes are available to you around the clock. Inside you'll find the most beautiful pianos you can imagine. You bring everything else you need with you: instruments, mixers, microphones - we have the acoustics!
Play completely undisturbed. You can adjust the lighting and ventilation to your liking, you can adjust our stools with a flick of the wrist, there are charging cables for your devices and wifi that is also suitable for online lessons.

Download our Anytime Music app for free and book your next session flexibly and independently.

The Rehearsal Rooms

Studio 1

Perfect for practising alone or as a duo, with a characterful August Förster 118 cm.

from 9,90 € per hour

Studio 2

The largest for professionals, with a magical grand piano, lots of light and space. For rehearsals with several people.

from 15,90 € per hour

Studio 3

The middle one is also suitable for your trio. Equipped with a new piano, 125 cm high, and Bluetooth speakers.

from 11,90 € per hour

Studio 4

Small and powerful. For all those who don't need a piano but require the best acoustics: wind players, singers, actors, podcasters, DJs. Stay tuned!

from 5,90 € per hour