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I need help urgently!

Something fell into my piano. What now?

That can happen. But please contact us immediately and don't play the piano anymore. We'll get the part out right away, then usually nothing will happen. Please do not try to touch the action yourself! Even if you continue to play the piano, it could cause serious damage for which you would be responsible.

My stuff is locked in the studio!

Best way to get it back quick and safe is to book the studio again right now. Choose the minimum time of 15 minutes and you'll have everything back in your hands.
But if your phone's also in there, hit us up at and we'll get back to you asap with a solution.

Safety / Corona

Can I go to Anytime Music despite the Corona epidemic?

First of all: Please read our hygiene concept carefully. (see below)

In short:

  • Wash hands thoroughly for at least 20 seconds
  • Minimum distance 1.5 m
  • wear a mask
  • we clean thoroughly
    We clean the pianos! As disinfectants can damage the varnish and key coatings, do not use your own disinfectants.
  • Set the ventilation in the studios to at least level 5
  • Coughing and sneezing into the elbows
  • No more than 3 people in the common room at the same time

prohibit access

  • in case of general cold symptoms
  • after testing positive for SARS-CoV-2 until a negative test is received
  • during a quarantine ordered by the health authority for other reasons (e.g. contact person category I)
  • after a trip abroad or a visit to a particularly affected region domestically from 72 hours for a period of 14 days.

Please take the legal requirements seriously and behave responsibly.

Hygiene concept

Hygiene concept
Contact person: Maria -


1. basic rules and general measures
2. entrance area, waiting area, attendance data
3. prohibition of access
4. number of persons, compliance with the minimum distance of 1.5 m, safe behaviour in the room


1. basic rules and general measures

Hand washing and disinfection

On entering and leaving the building, those arriving are instructed to go immediately to the toilet to wash their hands thoroughly for at least 20 seconds. Sufficient soap and disposable towels are available there. In addition, there is a contactless disinfectant dispenser right at the entrance.

Use and disinfection of instruments and equipment

We always clean thoroughly after about 10 people have entered the Anytime Music premises, paying attention to surfaces that are frequently touched (door handles, light switches, keyboards, taps, etc.).
Please wash your hands before and after playing.

We clean the pianos: As disinfectants can damage the varnish and key surfaces, do not use your own cleaning agents.

Pens, paper, sheet music etc. must not be shared.

Physical contact and handshaking

Any physical contact, handshaking or assistance/correction during lessons is to be refrained from.
The minimum distance of 1.5 m must be observed.
The exchange of instruments - with the exception of pianos, picks, bows, mouthpieces is prohibited.

Mouth-nose protection

Masks must be worn when entering the premises in generally accessible areas. During studio use, masks are not compulsory for individuals, but we advise that they be worn at all times (except for wind instruments and vocals).
When rehearsing with more than one person, please keep as much distance as possible, but at least 1.5 m, and set the ventilation in the studios to at least level 5.


There are two systems: studio ventilation and ventilation from the common area to the outside. In the studios, the ventilation should be set as high as possible,
at least to level 5, even when individuals are practising.

The ventilation in the windows facing the street constantly exchanges indoor air with fresh air from outside; there are three ventilators, at least two of which are always switched on.

Coughing and sneezing etiquette

Please always cough and sneeze into your elbow or into a disposable handkerchief,
which must be disposed of immediately.


2. entrance area, waiting area, attendance data

In the waiting area, the minimum distance (1.5 m) must be observed.
Groupings at the entrance, in the lounge or studio are to be avoided.

We always allow a 5-minute break between bookings to prevent players from meeting each other directly. As a general rule, we ask that everyone coordinates their play in such a way that there is no overlap: if necessary, please wait briefly and only come out of the studio when you can keep a distance of 1.5 m from everyone else. Of course, we do not charge for these minutes.

After consultation with our clients, any client data required will be passed on to the Department of Health and Environment in order to control the chain of infection.


3. access ban if at least one of the following situations applies:

  • in case of general cold symptoms
  • after testing positive for SARS-CoV-2 until a negative test is received
  • during a quarantine ordered by the health authority for other reasons (e.g. contact person category I)
  • after a journey abroad or a visit to a particularly affected region within the country, from 72 hours for a period of 14 days

4. number of persons, compliance with the minimum distance of 1.5m, safe behaviour in the room

Currently, a maximum of 3 persons from two households are allowed in the waiting area
from two households at the same time, unless it is a professional meeting.
The minimum distance of 1.5m must be maintained at all times.
Fans may not be brought in or used.


In case of doubt, the current Corona measures according to the Bavarian Infection Protection Measures Ordinance (Bayerische Infektionsschutzmaßnahmenverordnung) and the regulations of the City of Munich take precedence over the rules laid down here.

How can I feel safe at Anytime Music at night?

Anytime Music is under video surveillance. It's not our favourite measure, but it's the only way everyone can feel safe at really any time. There are also lots of big windows facing the street. Only you can get into your studio at your booking time, so you are safe.

Before my booking

Can I come before my booked time?

Sure you can. From one hour before your booking, you can unlock the entrance door with the app. You can wait for your studio in comfort.

Can I cancel my booked time?

Yes, up to 24 hours in advance free of charge!
24 to 12 hours before, we charge you 50% of your price, 12 and less hours before 90%.
If you have a really good reason for suddenly not being able to make your booking, write to us at, maybe we can work something out.

Why the music in the anteroom?

We understand that simple silence might be more appropriate before the rehearsal. But we take the needs of musicians very seriously, and it is more comfortable to be sure that no one can hear what you are playing outside. Our studios are almost soundproof, but not completely. Hence this compromise.
We hope you like our selection!

How do I open the door?

Both doors, the entrance door and the door of your booked studio, can only be unlocked with the Anytime Music app. You have access to our cosy anteroom one hour before your booking, and you can open your studio from the booked time. Both doors make a noise or flash immediately after you click on the open button in the app. This way you know when you can push the door handle down. - Otherwise, it is in "idle mode", so please do not jiggle or pull it: only while it is flashing does the door handle "grip".

During your booked time, you can always go in and out, just don't forget your smartphone, you always need it with Anytime Music!

During my booking

How can I extend my booked time?

In the overview of your active booking (note symbol) as well as in "My bookings" you will find a button "Extend booking" with the symbol clock and plus. You can extend your booking in quarter-hour increments.

Why do I hear something from the neighbouring studio?

A small noise always comes from the studio. If you turn the door handle upwards on the inside, the studio is soundproofed to the maximum, which is why it is a must for all users.
If you feel your neighbour is making more noise than necessary, please knock briefly and ask if they have set the door handle to soundproof. And of course you should soundproof your own studio door.

A friend wants to book directly after me, but the app only offers me a period 5 minutes later.

There are 5 free minutes after each booking. This way the studio is aired and you don't meet the next user at the studio door. (see Security/Corona>Hygiene Concept)

I want to carry my drums into the studio, but the door always closes.

If you want to hold the door open: it locks when you open it a little over 90° and let it go gently. When you're ready to move it, just pull it shut, adjust the soundproofing position and play!

Can I move the pianos?

In Studio 2 you may position the grand piano as you wish if you know how to do it properly.
Please do not touch the pianos in Studio 1 and 3!

It is cramped in the quartet and I would like to move the piano stools into the anteroom.

Please remember that during your booking you are responsible for what happens to the studio equipment and that you – and everyone after you – are renting a fully equipped studio. Therefore, you must not leave the stool in the anteroom after your booking, and if it is no longer there or damaged, you must pay for it. This applies to everything that is part of the studio.

Can I go to the toilet during my booked time?

Sure, even several times! During your booked time you can always go in and out. You can always open both your studio and the entrance in the app during your booking.
Just don't forget your smartphone, you always need it at Anytime Music!

Am I allowed to make recordings in the studio and publish them?

Explicitly permitted is the recording of music and speech, with the request that we are credited by full name and city (Anytime Music Munich). When publishing on social media, tagging and/or hashtags would be appreciated.

It goes without saying that Anytime Music reserves the right to disallow content for publication or to retract a publication if it disparages fundamental rights, is antidemocratic, or if the publication originates from a legal or natural person who has been noted for such statements or sentiments.


My credit card is not accepted.

Please make sure your credit card is valid for at least 90 days, then it should work. Otherwise, please contact us at

Kann ich meine gebuchte Zeit stornieren?

Ja, bis 24 Stunden vorher sogar kostenlos!
24 bis 12 Stunden vorher berechnen wir dir 50% deines Preises, 12 und weniger Stunden vorher 90%.
Wenn du einen echt guten Grund hast, deine Buchung plötzlich nicht wahrnehmen zu können schreib uns an, vielleicht können wir da noch was drehen.

How can I pay?

In the app you will be asked for your preferred payment option. Currently you can choose between credit card and SEPA direct debit. With both, you will automatically receive your invoice by email.
We will soon be able to offer even more options!

Are there student prices?

If you are a student, regardless of faculty, you get a 20% discount! First register in the app, then send us your matriculation certificate by email to and we will set the new price in your profile. If you are studying at an arts high school or think for some other reason that you should have the discount too, write to us!

I don't like to give out my bank account details. Is the payment secure?

We work with Stripe, a payment provider that processes online payments worldwide. We have chosen this provider after careful consideration, including the security of your data. So you don't have to worry.

Link to the topic of data protection with Stripe

Overdrawn booking

We know: sometimes you are so much in the flow that you forget time.
That's why you have the option to extend your booking in the app at any moment (depending on  availability). Even after the end of your booking (you will see the "negative countdown" in the app) you can still do it. As a reminder, you will also receive an SMS at the end of your booking.
If you simply stay in the studio without extending, or do not end the booking properly in the app, you will be charged for the additional time.
Everyone's studio time is sacred! That's why if someone has to wait because of you and can't use their own booking, you will be charged twice and the person waiting will be credited twice as compensation.
After each booking we have 5 "empty" minutes scheduled. These are important to ventilate the studio thoroughly and to allow a contactless change.
However, you can of course use your time until the last second and leave the studio within one minute after your booking, at no additional cost.

Special prices

What is a frequent player credit?

You pay € 250 to € 1000 in advance via the app and receive a discount in all studios. The amount of your credit entitles you to a discount of a certain amount on the single lesson price: 10% (250 €), 20% (€ 500), 30% (€ 750) or 40% (€ 1000).
This way, frequent players and teachers can get really good prices.
You will still receive normal invoices for your bookings. This discount is valid down to the last euro: as long as you have credit, you can "play" it in any studio.

When your credit is used up, you can top up again. - If it is not quite enough for the last booking, you will be charged separately for the rest, but the favourable discount applies to the entire booking, even beyond the credit balance.

The discount through credit cannot be cumulated with other offers.

Credit balance: Does the discount apply to all studios?

Yes, you load credit onto your Anytime Music account and, depending on the amount of credit you have, you benefit from a discount on the price of a single lesson, regardless of the studio. So you don't have to choose a particular studio in advance.

Does the credit expire?

No. Your credit is yours. You can redeem it at any time, but it cannot be paid back.

How do I pay with my credit?

You select the studio, day and times as usual, but then enter "credit" in the payment options. You have the same cancellation conditions as for individual lessons and you will also receive a statement by email after each booking, so that you always have an overview of your exercise lessons. They are also listed in your account in the app under "My bookings > Last bookings".

You can tell that it is a lesson played from your credit by the fact that both the individual lesson price and your price are listed.

Do I get a discount as a student?

Yes, you can play with us with a 20% discount!
Here's how it works: First download the app and register, then send us your certificate of enrollment via email to We'll let you know as soon as we've added the discount to your profile, and you'll automatically get the reduced price in all studios for the running semester. Please remember to send us a current certificate in time so that we can extend your special conditions.
If you are studying at a music gymnasium or for any other reason think you should get this discount, please write to us!

How does the gift coupon work?

Even people with little app affinity can give away time in our studios: If you have an email address, you can order a voucher.

Please write to us at with the following info:

  • desired value
  • first name, last name and address of the person giving the gift

You will then receive an invoice, which you can pay via a payment link. There are several options to choose from, including Sepa direct debit. As soon as the amount is received, we will send you a coupon code, together with all the information for the recipient. This way you can easily forward the mail.

The recipient is then completely independent:

  • Download the app for free
  • register
  • enter the voucher code in the menu
  • book
  • play

The value of the voucher will be converted into credit that the recipient can use for all studios.
Registration and payment option are essential for legal reasons.


What is special about the pianos?

Our pianos have been newly selected by us in the manufactory. They are completely handcrafted in Germany by one of the best manufacturers in the world. The grand piano is a particularly successful one from a justifiably best-selling model series (when a lot of handwork is involved, the same models of a series often sound very different) and has so far only been played by classical and jazz pianists, who have wonderfully "helped" to shape its soundboard. Pianos and grand pianos have been prepared and stabilised with great dedication by our partner Allegro Pianoforti. They are also regulated, intonated and tuned at short intervals. This way, you always have an instrument for your playing that is just as it should be.

Why use speakers?

You can connect all devices with a Bluetooth connection (smartphones, tablets, computers) wirelessly to the speakers.

This useful tool allows you to

  • listen to music
  • listen to your music teacher during online lessons via the speakers
  • record and listen to yourself practising
  • play along with apps like iReal Pro

The best sound is 1.5 m from each speaker. Adjust the volume on your device.

If necessary, you can carefully turn the speakers to the left or right, but please do not pull the cables out of the Bluetooth button on the wall or make other "modifications" in the studio.

How do I switch on the speakers?

You switch on the Bluetooth connection of your device and press (ideally immediately afterwards) the blue/black Bluetooth button in the wall, directly to the right of the piano. Then you need to be patient for a short time - how long depends on your device - until the speakers are found. They are called Studio 1, Studio 2, Studio 3 and Studio 4.
Depending on the device, it can take a while, sometimes you have to try again. If you save the connection, it will be quick the next time.
Nothing else needs to be connected or adjusted, please do not pull the cables out of the Bluetooth button on the wall or similar. If necessary, you can carefully turn the speakers to the left or right by hand. You can control the volume via your device.

Is there Wifi in the studio?

Anytime Music offers free wifi, which also works smoothly in the studios. So you can also give or take online lessons easily. You will find the password in the waiting area.

Can I charge my tablet in the studio?

Yes, you can charge almost anything! Each studio is equipped with a fixed charging point with all common charging plugs (USB-C, Micro-USB, Lightning). There are also USB plugs and of course power sockets. However, please make sure that the devices you bring with you are in order.

It is so hot. Is there air conditioning?

Sure, it gets really hot for a few days in summer, but Munich isn't Miami, we have to put up with cold and wet here. That's why we consciously do without air conditioning for the sake of the environment. If it's ever hot, we're happy about the Italian conditions and "bear it", right?
What you can do: Turn up the ventilation a bit (inside the studio next to the door), that helps. Or just book times when it's cooler anyway.

Eating and drinking

Why can't I even drink water in the studio?

You can do that in the lounge :)
Liquid, sticky and greasy things are the natural enemy of our wonderful instruments and the acoustically optimised equipment of the studios.