Making Music in the Best Acoustics
from 0.12 € per minute

Teach or Learn at Anytime Music!

You can move your music lessons to Anytime Music at any time.

Finally get rid of the restrictions of usual practising situations and have the right piano in the right room at your disposal 24/7! You only book the lessons you need and always have a wonderful sounding piano - without having to worry about anything!

Advantages for music teachers and students

  • lessons at the right time ✔️
  • different pianos available ✔️
  • centrally located near the Subway ✔️
  • pleasant working ambience with lots of light, lounge and WC ✔️
  • can be booked spontaneously at any time ✔️

Music teachers, saves you costs and nerves:

  • tedious search for a suitable room

  • Room rental and fixed costs

  • Piano purchase

  • Piano maintenance and repairs

  • Discussions with neighbours

Flexibility for students

  • Lessons in the evening, on Sundays and holidays

  • continue practising privately on the teaching piano

  • play quality pianos from the beginning, without long-term decisions and investments

  • Parents wait comfortably with Wifi and still have their children in view

Lessons online!

  • Wifi

  • charging possibility for your device

  • ideal acoustics

  • high quality piano

Now all you have to do is book your lesson in Korea or your masterclass in Miami.

Concretely calculated

You teach piano or any other instrument (except "Alphorn") and are thinking about doing it at Anytime Music?
We have thought through all aspects and calculated the costs, using the example of a typical piano teacher in Munich. (All similarities to existing persons are not coincidental).

Masako is a piano teacher.

She teaches 20 hours a week, except during school holidays.
For €530 a month, she rents a basement room without daylight in Haidhausen.
To make the room comfortable for herself and her students, she has to invest another 550 €. Transporting her old grand piano cost 350 €, and she has to spend 400 € a year on maintenance to keep the tuning stable in the damp environment.
In winter it is so cold that she cannot play without gloves.
When Masako is working she is never reachable because she has no reception down in the basement. Since the lockdown, the neighbours complain more often because more work is done in the home office.

When she loads up a €1000 credit at Anytime Music, she gets a 40% discount at any studio.

She can teach her students 20 hours a week for only €194 on a beautiful piano in Studio 1 with indescribable acoustics and lots of natural light.

Costs at Anytime Music (annual, without school holidays): 7760 € per year.

Costs so far (only running, without piano purchase): 7960 € per year

   6360 € (530 € rent x 12 months)
+ 1200 € (100 € additional costs x 12 months)
+ 400 € (maintenance)

Masako saves money.

And has many new opportunities:

  • play day and night > teach students at the ideal time
  • teach several pupils at the same time
  • students at different levels can be taught on different pianos (colour, character)
  • students can practise on the same piano

What are you waiting for?

The Rehearsal Rooms

Studio 1

Perfect for practising alone or as a duo, with a characterful August Förster 120 cm.

from 0.19 € per minute

Studio 2

The largest for professionals, with a magical grand piano, lots of light and space. For rehearsals with several people.

from 0.29 € per minute

Studio 3

The middle one is also suitable for your trio. Equipped with a new piano, 118.5 cm high, and Bluetooth speakers.

from 0.22 € per minute

Studio 4

Small and powerful. For all those who don't need a piano but require the best acoustics: wind players, singers, actors, podcasters, DJs, ...

from 0.12 € per minute