Making Music in the Best Acoustics
from 0.12 € per minute

Play, learn, record, practice, teach

24/7 access to a perfect piano in the perfect room – or bring your own instrument

The Rehearsal Rooms

Studio 1

Perfect for practising alone or as a duo, with a characterful August Förster 120 cm.

from 0.19 € per minute

Studio 2

The largest for professionals, with a magical grand piano, lots of light and space. For rehearsals with several people.

from 0.29 € per minute

Studio 3

The middle one is also suitable for your trio. Equipped with a new piano, 118.5 cm high, and Bluetooth speakers.

from 0.22 € per minute

Studio 4

Small and powerful. For all those who don't need a piano but require the best acoustics: wind players, singers, actors, podcasters, DJs, ...

from 0.12 € per minute